Moore Pioneer Cemetery

Pioneer Cemetery is located 2.3 miles out of Moore on Hwy. # 93.
At 3400 East marker, turn right go 3.5 miles to King Mtn. Rd. turn left 1-1/2 miles.
It sits on the right, on top of a small foot hill, just below King Mountain.
The cemetery is just a natural landscape, no grass.
The main gate has a half moon arch with Pioneer Cemetery in metal on it.
Most residents from Moore to Darlington Farm area use this Cemetery.
The latest information update was on August 3, 2002.


Note: James and Lucy Harris were listed here and on the Old Darlington Cemetery,

in Custer County.  They have been confirmed as in the Darlington Cemetery and

therefore removed from this listing.

Anderson, Bessie: born, 1885; died, 1885

Anderson, Maude: born, 1880; died, 1880

Arnold, W. O. no information

Bowman, June J: Born, 24 Jun 1924, New Madison, Ohio
             Died, 3 Jul 1994, at her home near Moore, ID
             Parents, Hershel & Cora French
             Spouse, Robert D Bowman, [mrd], 26 Jun 1944, N. Bend, Ohio
             [source] Arco Advertiser, Obituary, July 7, 1994

Burnett, Isabell: born, 25 Mar 1886, Big Lost River, Idaho
           died, 5 May 1887,
           Parents; Mary Jane Jones and Alexander Burnett.

Burnett, Mary Jane: born, 1 Jun 1858; died, 7 March 1898
            Parents, Elizabeth Evans and David Richards Jones.
            Spouse, Alexander Burnett.

Evans, Baby Diana: Born, 14 Mar 1893, Darlington, Idaho
             died, 15 Apr 1895
             Parents, Sarah Ann Bakes and Henry Morgan Evans.

Evans, Henry Morgan: Born, 11 Sep 1854, Ogden, Utah. Died, 24 Mar 1923
            Parents, Ada Morgan and Henry Jones Evans.
            Spouse, Sarah Ann Baker, [mrd] 16 Nov 1875, Mala City, Oneida, ID.

Evans, "Jack" John Calvin: Born, 28 Aug 1923; Died, 19 Aug 1991

Evans, Lewis Henry: Born, 9 May 1879, Marsh Valley, Idaho,
             Died, 2 Sep 1949, Darlington, Idaho.
             Parents, Sarah Ann Baker and Henry Morgan Evans.
             Spouse, Stella Ann Gray
             [sources] Marvel Mort. Pg 69 #23. and headstone

Evans, Lila Eccles, Jensen: Born, 27 Oct 1912, Logan, Utah
             Died, 23 Mar 1989, Blackfoot, Idaho
             Parents, Eliza Ann Morton Baird & Walter Anton Jensen
             Spouse, 1. Melvin Lewis Evans, [mrd] 15 Jul 1931, Blackfoot, ID. [died1957]
             2. Boyd Covington, [mrd] 17 Oct 1958, Challis ID.
             [sources] Idaho Falls Family History Center & Information from Dorthy Wheeler

Evans, Mary & Martha: [Babies], died 28 Oct 1907
             there is a picture of a Lamb on the headstone.

Evans, Melvin Lewis: Born, 20 Oct 1909, Darlington, Idaho.
            Died, 3 Aug 1957, Darlington, Idaho
            Parents, Stella Ann Gray and Lewis Henry Evans.
            Spouse, Lila Eccles Jensen, born 1912 [mrd], 15 Jul 1931, Blackfoot, Idaho.
            [source] Old record Book pg. 141 #18 Marvel  Mort.

Evans, "Babe" Milford Henry: Born, 22 Mar 1911, Darlington, Idaho.
            Died, 22 Jan 1984
            Parents, Stella Ann Gray and Lewis Henry Evans.
            Spouse, Zudora Revior [mrd], 5 Mar 1934 in Blackfoot, Id. {obit]

Evans, Olive: Born, 17 Jun 1890, Darlington, Idaho
             Died, 13 Nov 1918,
             Parents, Sarah Ann Baker and Henry Morgan Evans.

Evans, Richard Walter: Born, 5, Aug 1937, Darlington, Idaho, Died, 1937
            Parents, Lila Eccles Jensen and Melvin Lewis, Evans.

Evans, Sarah Ann: Born, 11 Nov 1859, Wenvoe, Glen, Wales,
             Died, 3 Apr 19330-31?
             Parents, Diana Davis and Frederick Bakes.
            Spouse Henry Morgan Evans, [mrd] 16 Nov, Oneida, Id.
            [sources]headstone and Garnier Mort at Arco and Death Cert # 74554

Evans, Walter: Born, 10 Sep 1917, Died, 1 Sep 1947-headstone.

Evans, Urban "Dad": Born, 29 Aug 1883 Darlington, ID.
             Died, 30 Sep 1960 Arco Lost River Hospital, Idaho
             Parents, Sarah Ann Baker and Henry Morgan, Evans
             Spouse, Valeria Dickson, [mrd] 18 Dec 1917 Div.

Fauline, Mr. no information on headstone

Gerard, Adna D : Born, 12 Oct, 1859, Harrison, Ohio
             Died: 6 Jun 1938, Pocatello, Idaho
             Parents: Stephen S. and Lydia H. Snow, Gerard

Gray, Ada May: Born, 21 Sep 1881, Malad City, Onieda, ID.
            Died 1957.
            Parents, Sarah Ann Baker and Henry Morgan Evans.
            Spouse, Herbert M. Gray.

Gray, Baby Boy: Born, 30 Sept 1905; Died 30 Sep 1905; Headstone
            Parents Ada May Evans and Herbert M. Gray.

Gray, Herbert M: Born, Feb 1872, Iowa; Died 1942-5.
            Parents, Mrs and Mr William Gray.
            Spouse, Ada May Evans

Green, Irene King: Born, 9 Aug 1899, Moore, Butte, Idaho.
             Died, 19 May 1982, Idaho Falls, Idaho
             Parents, Marion Beverland and James King.
            Spouse, Paul K Green, [mar] 28 Feb 1924, Challis, Id. [obit]

Green, Capt. King K.: Born, 6 Mar 1932, Moore, Butte, Idaho
            Died, 6 Sep 1962, Fairfield, Idaho, [Magic Valley, Reservoir]
            Parents, Irene King and Paul K. Green.
            Spouse, Mary Catherine
            Other info-post 11 p. 2,733 Jet Trainer crashed on training plane-Base at
             Mt. Homs e- Marvel Mort.
Idaho Captain US Air Force Korea  Am & 30lc - Air medal with 3 Oak leaf cluster.

Gross, Donald Dwane: Born, 6 Jul 1935, Broken Bow, Neb.
            Died, 28 Jul 1997, Darlington, Idaho
            Parents, Lela Williams and Orvelle, Gross.
            Spouse, Claudia Mitzkus [mrd] 2 Oct 1969, Sheridan- [obit-Cremation]

Halls, Stella Ann Gray, Evans: Born, 15 mar 1885, Iowa
            Died, 20 Aug 1965, Idaho
            Parents, Mr and Mrs William Gray.
            Spouse, (1) Lewis Henry Evans (2) Halls

Kilgore, Hellen Carol- died 18 Sep 1940 Moore, Idaho
           [sources] headstone - Marvel Mort Old record book, Pg 3 #23

King, Andrew Feguson: Born, 27 Aug 1880, Logan Utah
           Died, 1 Jun 1933.  Mackay, Custer, Idaho
           Parents, Mariam Beverland and James King.
           Spouse, Leona Evans [mrd] 24 Nov 1904, Darlington, Idaho

King, Delma May: Born, 22 Aug 1918, Mackay, Idaho.
           Died, 22 Aug 1918, Mackay, Idaho
           Parents, Leona Evans and Andrew Ferguson, King

King, Eliza Lewis: Born, 5 Sep 1887, Lost River, Butte, Idaho
            Died, 1888
            Parents, Marion Beverland and James King

King Gwendolyn: Born, 17 Sep 1905, Moore, ID.
            Died, 12 Feb 1927, Idaho.
            Parents, Leona Evans and Andrew King.
            Spouse, Othel Bishop

King, Jennie, F: Born, 18 Nov 1892, Moore, Butte, Idaho
            Died, 26 Mar 1979, Idaho
            Parents, James & Marion Beverland King

King, Leona E.: Born, 20 Nov 1885, Pass Creek, [near Darlington] Idaho
            Died, 3 Jun 1963, Wenatchee, Washington
            Parents, Sarah Ann Baker & Henry Morgan Evans
            Spouse, Andrew Ferguson King [mrd] 24 Nov 1904, Darlington, Idaho

King, Marion Beverland: Born, 11 Jul 1860, Platter Center, NB
            Died,  23 Aug 1943, Moore, Idaho
            Spouse, James King, [mrd] 19 Dec 1879
            Marvel Mort. Old Record Book, Pg 13 #18

Kirtley, Mrs. no information on headstone

La Fever, Louise: 1885-1885

Lemmon, Keneth [baby] Born, 30 Aug 1913, Leslie Custer, Idaho
            Died 30 Au 1913, Leslie, Idaho
            Parents, Ruby Lillian Ramsey and David Wyman Lemmon

McAffee, Douglas John: Born, 15 Oct 1938, Moore, Butte, ID.
            Died, 24 Dec 1938.
            Parents, Vineta Marie King and Harold McAffee

Moore, Gladys: Born, 11 Aug 1910, Darlington, Idaho
             Died, 29 Jul 1993, Pocatello, Idaho
             Parents, Sarah Bridges & Francis Hadden
             Spouse, Charles Mecham, [mrd] Arco, Idaho, [Div]
             2. Raymond Wm. Moore, [mrd] 3 Aug 1931, Arco, Idaho
             [sources] Post Register 3 C-2, Sandberg Mort. Darlington, Cemetery

Pickey, Mrs- headstone- no information

Solgum [Slocum], Minnie: Born, 20 Jun 1875, Corine, Utah.
            Died 25 Nov 1888-
            Parents, Margaret Ann Wells and Elisha Merrit Slocum

Vaught, George- no information on headstone

Wanstrom, Antone: Born, 29 Sep 1877, Varberg, Sweden
            Died, 29 Nov 1950, Moore, Butte, Idaho
            Parents, Nilina Bengtsdotter and Anders Andersson
            Spouse, Christine Sofia Hendrickson [mrd] 27 Jan 1915, Arco, ID.

Wanstrom, John A.: Born, 14 Dec 1917, Moore, Butte, Idaho.
            Died 4 Feb 1998, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho
            Parents, Christine Henderson and Anton Wanstrom
            Spouse, Faye Guthridge. [obit and funeral service card]

Wanstrom, Viola Faye: Born, 25 Apr 1922, Harper, Kansas
             Died, 24 May 2000, Arco, Idaho
             Parents, Ida Mae & Earl C. Guthridge
             Spouse, John Wanstrom, [mrd] 10 Jan 1942,
             [source] Obituary

Wells, Ruby Louise: Born, 30 Oct 1914, Leslie, Butte, Idaho.
            Died, 1992
            Parents, Eva Augusta Lemmon and Willia Roy Wells

Wells, Eva Augusta, Lemmon: Born, 6 Feb 1894, Luna, Sacorro, NM
           Died 6-9 Jun 1951, Ontario, Oregon
           Parents, Sarah Catherine Brown and John James Farinton Lemmon.
           Spouse, Willia Ray Wells [mrd] 25 Jul 1911, Moore, Idaho

Wells, Gwendlyene: Born, 22 Apr 1912. Moore, Idaho
          Died 22 Apr 1912, Moore, Idaho
          Parents, Eva Augusta Lemmon and William Ray Wells

Wells, Mina Sarah: Born, 22 Jul 1916, Leslie, Custer, Idaho
           Died, 22 Jul 1916, Leslie, Custer, Idaho- headstone
           Parents, Eva Augusta Lemmon and William Ray Wells

Wells, William Ray, Dr.; Born, 11 Jul 1888, Leslie, Custer, Idaho.
           Died, 6 Jun 1972, Meridan, Idaho
           Parents, Ruwaine Moon and Oscar James Wells
           Spouse, Eva Terry Augusta Lemmon, [mrd] 25 Jul 1911, Moore, Butte, Idaho

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